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Harbin Institute of Technology
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24 Jan 2022

Career Opportunities at Space-Environment and Physical Laboratory, Harbin Institute of Technology


About HIT:

Founded in 1920, Harbin Institute of Technology has developed into an open, multidisciplinary, research-oriented, leading national university. Together with Weihai campus and Shenzhen campus, HIT forms the pattern of “One University, Three Campuses.”

Presently HIT is a member of China’s top nine University Union (C9). It is a National Key University with science and engineering as its core and has developed with management, liberal arts, economy, law and other disciplines. At HIT, there are 23 schools, 86 undergraduate programs, 9 National Key Disciplines, 7 National Key Labs, and 39 members of the prestigious Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering. Eleven disciplines of HIT are ranked among the top 1% on the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) lists. The material science and computer science of HIT in particular are ranked among the top 1‰, and engineering discipline ranked among the top 1‱. In 2020, HIT ranked 6th on the list of the best global universities for engineering announced by the U.S. News & World Report.

Who We Are:

As the constructing and operating organization of the National Major Research Infrastructure of "Space Environment Simulation Research Infrastructure (SESRI)”, Space-Environment and Physical Laboratory (SPL) at HIT is a scientific research platform oriented to the frontiers of science and technology and focused on space physics, space life, space exploration and spacecraft application technology. SPL is also an academic and scientific research institution which tackles key technologies and scientific research based on the SESRI.

What We Have:

A talented team of nearly 100 staff members are working at the SPL with diverse research background. The SPL consists of 10 departments, including Space Materials and Environmental Engineering Laboratory, Space Electronics Laboratory, Space Materials Physics Laboratory, Particle Accelerator Technology Laboratory, Space Life Science Laboratory, Magnetic Environment and Magnetic Information Laboratory, Space Plasma Physics Laboratory, Intelligent Monitoring and Simulation Technology Laboratory, Technical Department and General Office. The SPL also has a Science and Technology Advisory Committee and a User Committee composed of dozens of academicians and experts, as well as a Professor Committee composed of a dozen experts and professors in multi-disciplinary fields.

With a total investment of nearly 2 billion yuan on the “Space Environment Simulation Research Infrastructure”, the construction of the SPL consists of a space integrated environment simulation and research system (including the integrated environment simulation subsystem, the device ion irradiation subsystem, the micro mechanism analysis subsystem, the space life science subsystem and the ion accelerator subsystem), a space magnetic environment simulation and research system, a space magnetic environment simulation and research system, a space plasma environment simulation and research system, a numerical simulation and central monitoring system, and construction and installation engineering and supporting facilities, etc.

What We Do:

The research fields of the SPL include:

  1. technology development of ground simulation and exploration of space environment;
  2. temporo-spatial evolutional characteristics and mechanisms of materials/device performance in space;
  3. the impacts of space environment on fundamental biological processes;
  4. physical mechanism of space plasma evolution and its interaction with spacecraft.

With this broad scope of research, our goal is to reveal multi-scale and dynamic behavior and mechanisms of space environmental effects on materials, devices and systems, and to establish theoretical models to explain comprehensive coupling effects of multi-factors in space environment. We also aim to elucidate the mechanism of ion radiation damage, to reveal biological mechanisms of the coupling effects of microgravity, space radiation and weak magnetic field, and to uncover the propagation characteristics of electromagnetic communication in space plasma environment, and the distribution and evolution of plasma environmental parameters in the magnetosphere

Qualifications & Benefits:

We sincerely welcome talents from home and abroad in the fields of mechanical engineering, materials science and engineering, control science and engineering, electrical engineering, electronic science and technology (electromagnetic field and microwave technology, microelectronics and solid state electronics), physics (particle physics and nuclear physics, plasma physics, condensed matter physics, applied physics, accelerator physics, space physics, etc.), chemical engineering and technology, molecular biology, biology, bio-medicine, and aerospace science and technology. Here you would be provided with globally competitive research facilities, supporting funds and academic research atmosphere of multidisciplinary integration and innovation. For more information, please visit the homepage of HIT (

For outstanding talents with significant achievements, the treatment would be further discussed.

  • Other Benefits
  1. Sufficient office and scientific research space will be provided in the Major National Science and Engineering Park in Songbei District and the Technological Innovation Building in the Science Park of HIT;
  2. Children of the staff would have the priority to attend the affiliated kindergarten, primary school and middle school of HIT with the top-rated educational resources in Heilongjiang Province;
  3. Finely decorated staff residence nearby the campus with complete supporting facilities will be open for sale to the staff at a preferential price.
  • Application Materials
  1. A detailed curriculum vitae outlining achievements in teaching and research. This could include continuous education and work experience, as well as a list of publications, research funding, patents and awards. Relevant supporting documents for the listed achievements should be provided as attachments.
  2. A statement addressing future research plans;
  3. At least 2 letters of recommendation.

The above job opportunities are long-term available. Interested parties are welcome to contact us at any time.

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