Placement Position: 12 Month Research Chemist

Abingdon, Oxfordshire (GB)
£17,500 per annum
03 Jan 2019
30 Jan 2019
Full Time

Placement Position: 12 Month Research Chemist

The Role:

We are currently looking for a student to join us for their 12-month placement. We are looking for a Placement Chemist with a strong interest in electrochemistry, coatings and equipment design and manufacturer who can apply themselves in a fast-paced commercial setting. The role will include the development of an analytical system to scale up the coating as well as working with customers to implement the process into manufacturing facilities. You will have an opportunity to develop cutting edge heat transfer technology which will revolutionise cooling, heating and energy generation systems world-wide.

The Company:

With world-wide use of air conditioning and other energy-heavy cooling systems growing year on year the demand on global generating capacity is becoming significant. New technologies need to be developed to find ways to reduce the demand and that where the nanoFLUX® coating comes in.
Oxford nanoSystems has spent five years developing nanoFLUX®, a ground-breaking coating technology, which has demonstrated substantial enhancements in heat transfer capabilities and are now looking to bringing the process to market. The coating can also be implemented into two-phase cooling systems and significantly increase the efficiency reducing the energy demand.

New developments have also shown a need to improve energy supply and the process is being modified to improve geothermal, solar thermal and LAES systems.
We are looking for talented, motivated and self-directed people to join our informal, fast paced team.

Candidate Profile:

The ideal candidate will be studying for a degree in Chemistry, any previous industrial experience is not necessary. They should be comfortable working both independently and collaboratively within a team of scientists, engineers and commercial people.
Main Duties and Responsibilities:

• Development and implementation of methods for analysing electrochemical nanocoating processes.
• Designing procedures, experiments, test rigs and equipment to provide thorough laboratory simulation of large scale coating processes to assist performance evaluation of developmental products.
• Working closely with the company’s technical/science staff in identifying and exploring
opportunities to innovate development using range of materials.
• Leverage experiences and technical ‘know-how,’ skills, and techniques from external
• Ability to conduct thorough research and document findings in well-organised manner
quickly and efficiently.
Skills and Experience they will gain:
• Experience of surface coating techniques
• Electrochemical techniques
• Multiple analytical techniques such as SEM, UV, Potentiometric auto titration,
potentiometry, voltammetry, ion chromatography
• Experience within a manufacturing environment, where there is a requirement to
understand the technical process

Apply Now:

Please email your CV and cover letter outlining your interest in this role to

Please ensure that you have the right to work in the UK before applying to work with us. We
are based in Oxfordshire (Abingdon Business Park).

This is a full-time (37.5 hours/week) permanent position based primarily in Abingdon.
Deadline for application is the 30th January 2019

£17,500 per annum