Graduate Research Assistant - Internship

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
£4,000 for 3 months
05 Jun 2017
06 Jul 2017
Contract Type
Full Time


An excellent opportunity for Graduate Research Assistant has become available; CAMETICS Ltd is offering a 3 months internship to a talented Chemistry graduate, to join them. The successful candidate will allow an exposure to the full R and D cycle. This includes early stage research, proof of concept experimentation and early stage development followed by mid stage development and the final tuning of a product to meet specific client requirements. 

Royal Society of Chemistry  

Salary: £4,000 for 3 months internship  
Holidays: 6 days + Bank holidays
Working Hours:  9.00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday  
Interview dates:  Week commencing 24th July 2017   
Start date:  2nd August 2017  
Degree / relevant disciplines:  BSc MChem /chemistry   
The Company will also consider candidates returning to work after a career break  
Closing Date: 6th July 2017    


CAMETICS Ltd is a start-up company founded in 2014 that is focused on utilization of unique properties of nanostructured graphitic materials and metals or metal alloys and design/fabrication of metal - composite/hybrid products, mainly but not exclusively, for electrical and thermal applications.

CAMETICS Ltd offers a set of patented soldering alloys (C-Solder), developed at the University of Cambridge, which consist innovative & unique solution for joining of carbon components as well as other materials generally considered as difficult to solder e.g. aluminium or ceramics. Placement offered by CAMETICS Ltd is suitable for chemists just starting their career as well as those more experienced and looking to return to work from a career break. Chemistry background is essential, experience in development of adhesives, inks, paints, coatings as well as experience in handling graphene and/or carbon nanotubes is welcomed but not essential. Graduates seeking their first professional role will have ability to become familiar with the full R and D cycle including early stage research, proof of concept experimentation and early stage development. More experienced professional will have ability to expand knowledge on nanomaterials - emerging area of chemistry within both research and industry. 

Job role 

The position is available in the area of Nano structural carbon materials, composite and hybrid systems. The internship offered by CAMETICS Ltd will allow an exposure to the full R and D cycle. This includes early stage research, proof of concept experimentation and early stage development followed by mid stage development and the final tuning of a product to meet specific client requirements. Due to the start-up nature of CAMETICS Ltd, the student will be expected to have significant input at all stages of this process, by applying knowledge gained from discussion and observation of our team of experts in addition to knowledge gained by personal study and development. This high impact and responsibility is an opportunity which will not be available from larger companies and will allow for a vast improvement of the interns personal and professional skill set. 

Job accountabilities 

The core project will involve the development of a range of carbon nanomaterial-polymer composites for specific and novel applications. This will require the growth of an in depth understanding of carbon nanomaterials’ intrinsic properties and their behaviour in a system. Carbon nanomaterials are an emerging area of chemistry within both research and industry due to their frontier properties and impressive potential applications; several applications of which are being developed here at CAMETICS Ltd. 

A large aspect of work will involve formulation chemistry, with respects to polymer synthesis and systems. Polymer chemistry is a great subsect of the chemical industry allowing for polymer experience to be invaluable to many industry employers. The intern will develop speciality in several polymers systems (such as PU polyesterimide) as well as in the skills required for the research and formulation of scientific product.  

In addition to this there is a strong possibility for further application of the technology learnt in this core module. Due to the versatile nature of polymer products CAMETICS Ltd aims to create, there is significant scope for an emergent technology which the intern will be, in part or wholly, responsible for. This emergent product will boast impressive novel features which have the potential to be unparalleled in industry (Conductive elastic PU polymers).



  • Ability to work confidently and safely in a laboratory environment
  • Ability to use a core set of MS Office skills
  • Ability to work autonomously and effectively in a very energetic team environment
  • Chemistry skills  

Specifically, the student will have ownership over one or several avenues of development with supervision from the CAMETICS team. These areas of development will be involved in one specific development and may be collated into one project for the student. This project will be one section of a technologies development and will have bearing on the final products functionality. The intern will be expected to present data (presentation skills) at weekly meetings and make informed decisions (critical decision making) on their projects direction after discussion with the whole team (team working).  

Relevant disciplines 

GRADUATES only: Degree disciplines: BSc MChem /chemistry   This internship is only open to:  

  • Graduate
  • Postgraduates
  • PhD
  • Person returning to work after a career break   

Additional Information  

Please ensure that you are willing and able to live within commutable distance of the company site before applying. This placement is located in Cambridge. Cogent Life Science Placements Service are managing the recruitment for this internship at our client's request, therefore we ask that applications are made through our website please.   

The Royal Society of Chemistry is the world’s leading chemistry community, advancing excellence in the chemical sciences. 54, 000 members and a worldwide knowledge business that spans the globe, it is the UK’s professional body for chemical scientists; a not-for-profit organisation with 175 years of history and an international vision for the future. The Royal Society of Chemistry as part of its small companies programme, EnterprisePlus ( has granted a small number of companies funding for internships for those already graduated including those returning to work. You will need to be a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry by the time you take up the internship and can join here 

If you have an gross income (before tax) income below £26,000 you can access a 50% discount below per annum 

Membership also include significant career support including face to face or telephone career consultations    

Interviews will take place at CAMETICS Ltd in Cambridge week commencing 24th July 2017   

Please note: this internship is suitable for GRADUATES only 
Please note that the employer is unable to offer visa sponsorship for this internship.