Structural Chemist (combining Solid-State and Computational Chemistry)

Basel, Switzerland
12 Apr 2017
12 May 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

We are seeking a skilled and motivated scientist to work in a state-of-the-art Computational Solid State Chemistry group in Basel, Switzerland, that combines in silico computational modelling tools with experimental laboratory verification to advance early stage drug physical form selection.

He/she will work in an interdisciplinary team, performing and interpreting data from modelling/computational simulations and laboratory experiments enabling, for example, the systematic modification of crystallization parameters, the control of polymorphism, advancing the selection of physical forms, and modifying the crystal habit of small organic molecules, specifically active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Through combining knowledge of chemistry, computational approaches and the drug development process, he/she will aid in identifying, prioritizing and progressing the most suitable candidates. The position requires a strong focus on scientific excellence in the area of solid form selection.

The ideal candidate would possess:

  • A strong solid-state chemistry background, with knowledge of the drug development process to include physical and chemical stability criteria  when developing an API (as salt, cocrystal, solvate, hydrate etc.) for use in toxicological or clinical studies
  • Experience in applying molecular and/or quantum mechanical modelling software and tools to small organic molecules for the purpose of modifying and optimising their solid-state properties (e.g. crystal habit, stability, solubility)
  • A proven track record in being able to interlink simulations with experimental design in order to recommend forms of the API that realise desired characteristics (e.g. applying crystal growth modifiers and solvent selection for improved primary particle shape)

As such, the ideal candidate would have industry experience and a strong up-to-date scientific knowledge in the field of structural chemistry, with applied knowledge in the use of multiple software packages e.g. Materials Studio, COSMOtherm, CCDC Suite, as an integral part of the early phase drug R&D process. The successful applicant will possess an ability to couple these elements in order to actively support the selection of the final form of an API to be used for subsequent non-clinical and clinical purposes.

For submitting your application on our career website and for further details on the position, please go to 210064BR Structural Chemist