Redag Crop Protection Ltd - Research Assistant - Undergraduate Placement

15 Feb 2017
28 Feb 2017
Contract Type
Industrial Placement
Full Time

About the company

The novel and broadly validated Redox Switch™ approach allows Redag Crop Protection to begin with best in class crop protection products and find new intellectual property that supports development of novel agrochemicals. These compounds have shorter less costly development cycles bringing rapid innovation to the industry. There is a growing need for new products as older ones are withdrawn either for safety reasons or because resistance has developed that reduces performance.  

Job Purpose

The placement student will be working towards the synthesis of novel agrochemicals to specific purity and quantity requirements as dictated by the project. The chemist will be following experimental protocols regarding compound synthesis with supervision. They will isolate the novel pesticides using a range of techniques and analyse their products using LCMS and NMR. These compounds will be added to the Redag compound collection and sent for biological testing against the particular pathogen, insect or weed. The student will contribute to regular progress reports within the organisation and communicate chemistry progress and synthesis accurately with the team. They will be required to work to good laboratory practice procedures and follow COSHH safety procedures. The candidate will work in a modern chemistry laboratory and have access to an electronic laboratory notebook and automated flash chromatography purification.
 It is an exciting opportunity to be part of a growing company. Redag Crop Protection started in Alderley Park January 2015 and has now grown to 12 chemists. There is a number of different agrochemical projects so there is always something new to work on, and there is a wide variety of synthetic organic chemistry ongoing.  The small and friendly team provides a highly supportive environment for learning and development.

Job Accountabilities

  • With expert training, the student will be become a skilled organic chemist, will make a valuable synthetic contribution to Redag, and will gain an appreciation of the agrochemical industry in a thriving Biohub.
  • A typical day for the intern would be to plan their synthetic route to a particular target agrochemical. They will design their experiments and plan them using the electronic laboratory notebook. The intern will perform a safety COSHH assessment and then carry out the experiment. Once the experiment is complete the intern will isolate and purify the compound, and identify the product by analytical techniques.
  • There is an ever-growing need for new crop protection products to satisfy the agrochemical market. As older products are withdrawn from the market due to ever more stringent safety or environment standards, or because resistance has reduced performance, fresh crop protection products are needed in their place. This placement would involve the student working on a particular agrochemical project within Redag. The student would synthesise a known lead compound and then work within the Redag team to identify novel analogues and synthesise them.
  • The industrial placement student will be trained to follow good laboratory procedures and have a full understanding of the Global Hazard Safety assessments to carry out COSHH assessments in the laboratory to plan experiments.
  • The student will improve their communication skills and have a good level of practical synthetic organic chemistry experience at the end of the placement as a result of exposure to a wide range of different types of organic chemistry experiments.
  • The student will learn about the agrochemical discovery process and the impact that agrochemicals have on the environment and how companies are researching novel pesticides to fulfil the needs of farmers and the crop protection industry.

Relevant Disciplines

UNDERGRADUATES only: Accredited Chemistry Degree course.

For further information regarding accredited courses, please visit:

Additional Information

Please ensure that you are willing and able to live within commutable distance of the company site before applying. This placement is located in Macclesfield. Cogent Life Science Placements Service are managing the recruitment for this placement at our client's request, therefore we ask that applications are made through our website please.

The Royal Society of Chemistry is the world's leading chemistry community, advancing excellence in the chemical sciences. With 51,000 members and a worldwide knowledge business that spans the globe, it is the UK's professional body for chemical scientists; a not-for-profit organisation with 170 years of history and an international vision for the future. The Royal Society of Chemistry as part of its small companies programme, EnterprisePlus ( has granted a small number of companies funding to host a “year in industry” placement. Funding has been awarded in recognition of their ability to develop and mentor an undergraduate chemist and robustness of the project content and structure in terms of its scientific content and  what you will learn. This year, Redag Crop Protection Ltd is a well-deserved recipient of this prestigious funding. It is expected that if you are successful in being selected for this role that you are a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry by the time you start the placement. Royal Society of Chemistry membership is just £19 and you can join online at:

Interview structure: 1 stage interview consisting of technical section of retro-synthesis, followed by a tour of the laboratory and facilities.
Interviews will be held at the Redag offices in Alderley Park, Macclesfield on 20th March 2017. Interviewees are to bring photo identification with them for onsite security check-in at Radnor reception. The interview process will last approximately 1hr 30 mins.

Please note: only Chemistry UNDERGRADUATES will be considered for this placement

Closing date: 28/02/17