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  • Acivico1 job

    Acivico is an exciting multi-service company which offers our clients across the private and public sector a range of services.

  • AlgaeCytes1 job

    AlgaeCytes is focused on developing and commercialising the next generation of bioactive ingredients from sustainable and environmentally-sound resources.

  • Artios Pharma Ltd1 job

    Artios Pharma is new, exciting, dynamic Biotech company with a world class research team based south of Cambridge, UK.  Artios is focused on identifying and developing cancer treatments byexploiting novel targets within the DNA damage response (DDR), a...

  • Astex Pharmaceuticals1 job

    At our Cambridge facility we utilize world-leading fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD). We are looking for a motivated, dedicated professional who wants to combine their skills with our uniquely talented team.

  • Charnwood Molecular Ltd2 jobs

    We are a leading Contract Research Organisation providing medicinal and synthetic chemistry services to the global pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries.

  • Concept Life Sciences1 job

    Concept Life Sciences Group provides early phase drug discovery services to the pharmaceutical industry as well as R&D support to the diagnostic, petrochemical and materials industries.

  • Cyclofluidic1 job

    Cyclofluidic is using CyclOps™, its proprietary microfluidic drug discovery platform, to revolutionise hit and lead optimisation.

  • escubed1 job

    escubed is a chemistry based SME. It is a vibrant and dynamic company working at the forefront of technology and specialises in the measurement of the physical properties of particulate systems.

  • Hyper Recruitment Solutions103 jobs

    Hyper Recruitment Solutions is a specialist and highly compliant recruitment consultancy dedicated to the Science and Technology sectors.

  • Hypha Discovery1 job

    Hypha Discovery is a microbial technology company located in Uxbridge, UK, helping partners in pharmaceutical and agrochemical R&D succeed through the discovery and production of microbial and mammalian metabolites.