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Domainex is an award-winning drug discovery service company that works in partnership with clients from a variety of sectors (including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic and patient foundations) around the world. Our approach to drug discovery is truly integrated. We offer the full range of pre-clinical drug discovery services supporting our clients at every stage of the journey, from disease target nomination to candidate drug selection.

From protein production, assay development and hit identification through to medicinal chemistry for lead optimisation, our dedicated experts work collaboratively with our clients to provide tailored scientific solutions, adding significant value to their drug discovery projects. Our innovative, customised suites of biology and chemistry technologies are designed to maximise efficiency and our integrated approach has a proven record of success in delivering timely and cost-effective solutions and generating new intellectual property.

We have established a number of proprietary technology platforms that differentiate us from our competitors, for example: Combinatorial Domain Hunting (CDH) is our patented technology for generating many thousands of variants of target proteins to identify suitable novel constructs which can subsequently be used in assays or for structural biology; LeadBuilder is our novel virtual screening platform which identifies hit compounds for our client’s drug discovery programmes in a rapid and cost-effective manner; FragmentBuilder is our integrated platform for performing fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD); PoLiPa is our technology which allows membrane proteins to be purified without the need for thermostabilizing mutations or detergents.

There are numerous small molecule drug discovery service companies throughout the world but there are relatively few that can provide a truly integrated offering. We have built up a strong reputation for technical excellence and innovation and always look to customize our proposals based on our clients’ specific needs. Our clients value this tailored input and we believe this differentiates us from other providers. Our scientists have a wealth of experience of working in industry (across a wide range of disease settings and biological target classes), with on average >10 years of drug discovery experience gained at both Domainex and at other leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Our scientists are also highly skilled/educated with >75% having obtained a PhD prior to joining Domainex.

The Domainex team is a diverse group, reflecting the multi-cultural Cambridge environment. Currently our team is made up of >10 nationalities; indeed over 30% of our staff have their origins from outside of the UK. Our team speak over 10 different languages as their mother tongues. This has the advantage that we are often able to offer our overseas clients a native speaker to ensure their wishes are being fully understood. We have also translated parts of our website into multiple languages to better communicate our service offerings to potential clients.

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