AWE has responsibility for maintaining the UK’s nuclear deterrent and supporting national nuclear security from warhead safety and performance to providing support to users in the field. Our scientific and engineering expertise is second to none. As is our approach to predicting the performance of a system that can never be tested, but has to work. We’re looking to recruit specialist scientists to support our core programme. Our strength lies in our diversity. An extremely broad range of employees brings different skills and experiences to the team.

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    • AWE
    • Reading, Berkshire
    • £33770 - £40000 per annum + 0

    AWE is currently recruiting for a Materials Scientist within the Materials and Analytical Science (MAS) Sub-Function to carry out synthetic and formulation chemistry within Flexible Organic and Additive Manufacture team.

    5 days remaining

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    • AWE
    • Reading, Berkshire
    • £33770 - £50650 per annum

    AWE has exciting opportunities for a Radiochemist to join the Radiochemistry Group, bringing their experience to AWE and to successfully play a key role delivering for our customers.

    3 days remaining

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