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About The Chinese University of Hong Kong

CUHK was founded in 1963 in response to society’s demand for higher education that would combine and bring out the best of Chinese and western cultures. The ideal, which at that time rallied to action many scholars and thinkers, still rings true in today’s Hong Kong, whose continued success hinges on openness and diversity.

CUHK has proven to be a magnet for talents, attracting local and international students and scholars to study, teach, and do research here, and their achievements have continuously won the University international acclaims and respect. This is a tribute to our staff, students, alumni, and supporters, who diligently work together to promote the creation and application of knowledge.

Over the past decades, CUHK has always upheld an enterprising and forward-looking spirit that makes studying and working here a unique experience. CUHK is a comprehensive university where students and staff are continuously challenged at the forefront of knowledge, and where traditional and contemporary cultures are equally valued. It is also the only university in Hong Kong which adopts a collegiate system. The university community cherishes dearly its tradition in general education and civic service, which constitute a key component of our students’ learning experience.

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