Rothamsted Research,
West Common,
United Kingdom

About SugaROx

SugaROx Ltd is a spin-out from Oxford University and Rothamsted Research set up in Feb 2021 to develop crop biostimulants based on active ingredients (AI) inspired by natural plant molecules. The first AI in its pipeline is an analogue of trehalose-6-phosphate, a molecule with a critical role in sugar use and allocation in plants. The end-users for the biostimulants are growers but SugaROx will deploy a B2B business model. That means it will sell its biostimulants to companies that supply agricultural inputs to growers (i.e. seeds, seedlings, fertilisers, crop protection products, etc). The venture is at pre-commercial stage. On wheat, its most advanced area of research, the SugaROx AI can deliver up to 22% yield improvement. An early assessment of the potential economic and environmental benefit of the product (which is still under development) indicates that a 15% yield boost would increase the gross margin of UK winter milling wheat farmers by 24% and deliver an 11% reduction in carbon emissions per loaf of bread produced with UK wheat.


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