Low Sulphur Fuels Ltd.

Unit 5a, Corinium Industrial Estate
Raans Road,
United Kingdom

Email: info@lowsulphco.com

About Low Sulphur Fuels Ltd.

  • Low Sulphur Fuels small team of dedicated engineers and chemists have developed a new technology that is making significant changes to the way used oils, rubber tyres and plastics are recovered while substantially reducing their emissions to the environment.
  • The process uses advanced electrochemistry to modify the molecular structure of hydrocarbon-based used materials (oils, rubbers, plastics) by allowing unwanted contaminants (sulphur, metals, chlorine, etc.) to be extracted by a low cost, low emission process. The outputs are cleaner low sulphur distillate that can be used as a refinery feedstock or as a biofuel and we can also produce naphtha that is used to make new plastics and speciality chemicals. We are now starting to scale up and require to expand our small team. Become part of the cleantech revolution and join Low Sulphur Fuels

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