Sitryx Therapeutics Limited

United Kingdom


About Sitryx Therapeutics Limited

Sitryx Therapeutics Limited is an immunometabolism company focused on applying breaking science relating to the manipulation of metabolism and metabolic reprogramming to develop disease modifying therapeutics targeting:

  • Immuno-oncology: limiting the growth of cancer cells by enhancing anti-cancer immune responses and/or recruiting tumour metabolic activity
  • Immuno-inflammation: switching immune cell activity from a pathogenic to a homeostatic state to treat inflammatory and autoimmune disorders

Sitryx recently signed an exclusive global licensing and research collaboration with Eli Lilly and Company to develop disease-modifying therapeutics in immuno-oncology and immuno-inflammation. Sitryx received an upfront payment of $50 million for this 5-year collaboration and will study up to four novel preclinical targets identified by Sitryx.  

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