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About LifeArc

At LifeArc, we drive medical innovation through our own research and our work with a range of partners from industry, charities, universities, research organisations and others involved in improving lives for patients.

We have a 25-year legacy of collaborating with scientists on diagnostics and therapies,  enhancing and protecting innovation and advancing promising research.

We focus on translation – progressing work from early lab-based findings through to development and a point where it can be used in patients. And by working in this way, we play a key role in developing new treatments, medicines, diagnostics, technologies or information resources, and in helping to turn research into practical products that benefit patients.

A registered charity

As a UK registered and self-funding charity, we focus on improving the lives of patients. We need to be sustainable, but we do not have shareholders so we can reinvest any income we generate into furthering medical research.

Our trustees have extensive expertise in biomedical sciences, biotech and pharma industry, finance, law and medicine.

With dedicated laboratories in Stevenage and Edinburgh, we conduct our own translational research as needed to accelerate the progress of discoveries and technologies to find treatments for diseases such as cancer and dementia.

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