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MediSieve Ltd. Executive Summary

  • Medical device company, developing and commercialising “magnetic blood filtration”, a revolutionary therapeutic platform for the treatment of blood-borne diseases.
  • Novel therapies being developed for malaria, leukaemia, sepsis and others.
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MediSieve is a medical device company developing “magnetic blood filtration” (MBF): a revolutionary method of treating blood-borne diseases by removing pathogens, toxins or other targets directly from a patient’s bloodstream. The technology is similar to dialysis: a patient’s blood is circulated through an external blood loop to remove disease causing targets. While dialysis relies on non-specific, size-based filtration, MBF uses functionalised magnetic particles which bind to specific targets, and magnetic forces to extract them. Practically any component can be specifically targeted and removed, providing a platform technology that could be used to treat a huge range of blood-borne medical conditions, accessing several billion-dollar global markets.

The company’s initial focus is on malaria, leukaemia and sepsis. In malaria, red blood cells infected with the malaria parasite are targeted and extracted using their naturally occurring magnetic properties - uniquely for malaria, no magnetic particles are required. Disease severity, recovery times and mortality are all strongly linked to a patient’s parasitaemia upon beginning drug treatment; many only get treatment once it’s too late. MediSieve offers the chance to turn back the clock for these patients by rapidly and safely reducing a patient’s parasitaemia. 

In leukaemia, MediSieve's magnetic particles target circulating leukaemia cells, which can increase a patient's white blood cell (WBC) count to over 20x above normal levels. These are responsible for side-effects such as cytokine release syndrome (CRS) and tumour lysis syndrome, which can be fatal and prevent drug therapies from being effective. The treatment can be used alongside or immediately prior to chemotherapy in order to improve treatment efficacy and reduce the risk of severe side-effects.

In sepsis, MediSieve uses a multi-target approach, removing pathogens (e.g. bacteria), endotoxins and cytokines, in order to prevent escalation to septic shock and also enable the treatment of anti-microbial resistant infections. In the case of cytokines in particular, there are applications in a wide range of diseases beyond sepsis, including CRS.

Clinical trials of the Filter are planned for Q1 2019, while first clinical trials of the MediSieve Particles are expected in 2020. MediSieve is actively seeking strategic partnership opportunities and experts in relevant sectors. Check for the latest news.

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