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Lack of access to clean water is predicted to affect 47% of the world’s population by 2030. Contamination of water supplies by industrial micropollutants such as metal ions, pesticides and pharmaceuticals is a major contributor to this water stress. These micropollutants are persistent in the environment and dangerous to human health. A 2010 Mount Sinai study found 287 toxic micropollutants, that can be traced back to industrial usage, were found in the umbilical cord of US infants.

CustoMem tackles this problem by targeted capture of micropollutants from industrial wastewater that are challenging and energy intensive to remove with current technology. We can safely repurpose the captured micropollutants into high-value products. Our products are developed using our world class expertise in wastewater treatment, biomaterials and synthetic biology from experience at Whatman, Alcan, Imperial College, Cambridge and UC Berkeley. Using our expertise, we offer customised solutions for the most problematic pollutants.

Customers benefit from a simple, cost effective, plug-n-play solution that is low maintenance. It operates as a drop in to existing infrastructure, with reduced energy requirements compared to using membrane filtration. When products are used up, we supply a new unit and recycle captured pollutants from the used one in a responsible manner. Ultimately, we provide peace of mind for our customers as they fulfil sustainability commitments & regulations.

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