Pentlands Science Park
Bush Loan
EH26 0PZ
United Kingdom

About EPP

EPP’s laboratories are well equipped with a full range of modern equipment and instrumentation for the synthesis, purification, and analysis of organic compounds. For example, we have an extensive range of synthetic equipment extending to pressure vessels, photochemical reactors, and microwave reactors. Work-up of reactions is facilitated by automated Biotage purification systems extending to a Shimadzu semi-prep HPLC system. For analysis, several Thermo LC-MS and GC-MS systems, numerous Agilent HPLCs, Agilent GC, and Shimadzu FT-IR and UV spectrometers / spectrophotometers with professionally trained and experienced operators of such instrumentation to support the synthetic work. We have desktop access to computer search engines (e.g. Ready’s®) for researching and planning synthetic approaches.

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