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Published: 01 Feb 2011

Royal Society of Chemistry – the perfect partner to support you throughout your career 

Royal Society of Chemistry membership includes access to a  range of benefits, services and discounts tailored to chemical science.

By joining us, you would be joining a worldwide network of 48,000 members dedicated to advancing the chemical sciences.

Expand your network of professional contacts
Local, national and international networks allow our members to meet like-minded individuals, engage with chemical scientists with similar interests, develop networking skills and make personal contacts.

MyRSC online community - A professional network for the global chemical science community to connect, engage and interact with others.

Interest Groups  - Tailor your membership to your specific scientific interests by joining up to three Interest Groups at no extra cost.

Younger Members Network  - Enables those in the early stages of their career to get involved and develop useful contacts.

Continue your professional development
As part of our commitment to maintaining professional standards and supporting our members throughout their working lives the RSC offers a number of CPD opportunities.

One to One advice and guidance  - Our specialist careers advisers provide advice
and support for your CPD as part of your career plan.

Chartered Chemist (CChem)  - Demonstrate your commitment to practising the highest standards by becoming a Chartered Chemist.

CPD framework - Assess your professional development needs with this easy to use framework.

Develop your knowledge and skills
Want to keep your professional knowledge up-to-date? The Royal Society of Chemistry has a range of publications and training courses to help our members find the information they need.

● Member publications - Receive monthly copies of our award-winning magazine Chemistry World, our member magazine RSC News and our e-newsletter Grapevine.

Extensive journal portfolio  - Stay ahead of latest developments through our world renowned publications.

Virtual library  - Access our virtual library including journals, e-books and business, environmental and scientific databases.

ChemSpider  - Search over 25 million chemical structures and their properties, patents, publications and more.

Chemistry Search Service  - Our Chemistry Search Service provides a fast and accurate response to any chemistry related question.

Access One to One support and guidance
The Royal Society of Chemistry is committed to supporting all of our members, whatever their personal circumstances.

Careers service  - Our specialist careers advisers provide confidential advice and support on career planning, from job seeking to CV advice and planning for retirement. Access to information including the biennial ‘Remuneration Survey’, ‘Key Skills for Scientists’ and ‘Guide to Consultancy’.

● Careers events - Offer the chance for you to discuss your CV and career path with one of our trained careers advisers as well as attend workshops and lectures that are useful whether you have just graduated or are changing career path.

Take advantage of discounts and savings
Royal Society of Chemistry members have access to a wide range of savings and discounts ranging from books, journals and magazines to insurance, travel and entertainment.

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