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  • AstraZeneca IMED Biotech Unit1 job

  • AWE1 job

    AWE has responsibility for maintaining the UK’s nuclear deterrent and supporting national nuclear security from warhead safety and performance to providing support to users in the field.

  • Chemtech1 job

  • emimaging1 job

  • Hyper Recruitment Solutions107 jobs

    Hyper Recruitment Solutions is a specialist and highly compliant recruitment consultancy dedicated to the Science and Technology sectors.

  • Manchester Organics1 job

    Manchester Organics has grown into a world leader in fluorination and high pressure chemistry, research and manufacturing.

  • Oxford nanoSystems1 job

  • Polymateria1 job

    Polymateria’s mission is to advance science to help nature deal with plastic pollution.

  • Royal Society of Chemistry2 jobs

    The Royal Society of Chemistry is the largest organisation in Europe for advancing excellence in the chemical sciences.

  • RSSL6 jobs

    The RSSL Pharmaceutical Chemistry laboratory performs a wide range of analytical analyses for a variety of food, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies and supports Mondelez research and innovation.